About the company

Art Media Technologies is a rental and installation company
specializing in organization and carrying out of laser, fountain, and multimedia shows.
The company was founded in 2001. It was called Laser Kinetics Multimedia from 2001 until 2014. In 2014 Laser Kinetics was divided into separate multimedia and lighting companies, and Laser Kinetics Multimedia was renamed Art Media Technologies.
In 2007 the company's representative office was established in Dubai, Arab Emirates.
Nowadays, Art Media Technologies has managers, technicians, artists, installers — all highly skilled specialists in their areas. We took part in a large number of events, where we ran the most spectacular and diverse laser, water, and multimedia performances.
Highly skilled personnel, a wide variety of LaserAnimation Sollinger laser equipment, along with the newest Syncronorm and Realizzer software and hardware solutions that allow for programming and visualizing all kinds of light shows are the main reasons leading European multimedia performance companies (Laser Fabric, Lunatx SFX, ESE European Show Equipment) choose "Art Media Technologies" as their partner in Russia and CIS.

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