Fontain show

We possess one of the largest controlled fountain ranges in Europe and have extensive experience of using it for various events, including those of international and federal levels.
A fountain show can be conducted indoors as well as outdoors. A variety of water screens are normally used indoors. Here are some examples of such screens:
A water curtain will introduce the water element to your celebration, as well as serve as an original screen suitable for displaying slides, video projections, and laser animation. Unlike fabric screens, a water curtain is completely transparent. It can be placed in front of a stage to appear and disappear in mere seconds. If you illuminate an object behind the water curtain and project an image upon the curtain, both the object and the projection will be visible. A water curtain can be placed not only in a straight line, but also in various shapes (for example, a star), parts of which can be turned on and off in the required order. Water can be colored with special dyes and emulsions
and AQUAGRAPHICS — a graphic water screen that entices viewers wherever it is used: in exhibitions, trading centers, conference halls, etc. Truly fabulous images and decorations can be created with lighting, lasers, video projections, and AQUAGRAPHICS. The AQUAGRAPHICS graphic water screen was created by NORGREN company, the world's leader in stream control technology creation. It allows high-precision control of each stream, thus creating a clear image of any figure, inscription, or logo in a cascade.
As for outdoors, another option is more commonly used:
A fan water screen is used for multimedia shows upon natural water surfaces (a river, a pond, a lake, a sea), as well as other places that have a special pool. A fan water screen emerges surprisingly fast, which is the basis of its advantage. A projection or a laser animation suddenly appears, seemingly out of nowhere. The image looks as if it were hanging in the air when it's dark. We currently have several types of fan water screens. They have different heights, widths, and levels of energy consumption. The smallest fan water screen is 5–7 m high and about 20 m wide. The largest can be
as high as 20 m and as wide as 50–60 m. Our company is the only one in Russia that has a fan water screen that large.
Controlled fountains
A fountain installation is a complex computer-controlled electronic and mechanical system. The equipment consists of a variety of individual and connected atomizers, pulverizers, and built-in lighting tools placed in a water-filled tub or an open reservoir. Fountain dynamics and illumination colors can be changed in tune with musical compositions, according to a script, or the director's intention. We offer a full range of indoor and open water fountain installation rental and sales services.