Laser show

A laser show is one of the most beautiful and spectacular light shows. Thin laser beams are highly visible indoors, as well as in open spaces dozens of square kilometers wide. Laser beams can be of any color of the light spectrum.
Lasers can be used in a variety of ways in a show, of which three can be pointed out specifically:
  • A laser beam show or just beam show, when various shapes are drawn in space. For instance, light beams, fanned planes, cones, multifaceted pyramids, light pillars, etc.
  • An animated laser show is a display of graphics and animated images on various surface types.
  • Laser mapping involves casting projections on various objects, including architectural objects, emphasizing and accentuating their constructional features.
A number of 3D effects can be created with lasers, such as:
  • Real 3D. Requires using polarized glasses, as with 3D movies.
  • Chromatic 3D. Requires using Chromadepth glasses that make red images seem closer, while yellow, green, and blue images seem considerably further away.
  • Grids. Projection of laser graphics on dark grids within dark indoor spaces produces the illusion of an image hanging in thin air.
These are some of the ways in which lasers can be used.
  • Concert and sports events;
  • Festivals and parties;
  • Corporate events;
  • Theatrical performances;
  • Goods and services exhibitions...
  • Opening and closing ceremonies of various sports competitions, including Olympic games, universiades, world championships and cups, etc.;
  • Opening ceremonies of cinema, music, and other festivals;
  • Mass cultural events like city anniversaries, jubilee celebrations of the leading business, educational, cultural, social, and other organizations in water areas and other open spaces;
Our company can organize any of the above-stated laser shows, both indoors and outdoors, as well as create an animated laser clip of any complexity.
Art Media Technologies uses lasers, computers, and software produced by
LaserAnimation Sollinger GMbH, for which we also act as representatives in Russia