Visualization and design

Visualization means creation of authentic and realistic portrayals of future multimedia shows within special software.
We use Syncronorm and Realizzer products for that purpose.
They are the world's leading manufacturers of software for real-time multimedia show 3D design.
We can create a unique 3D visualization that will accurately simulate fountains, lasers, video, and lighting in real time, using top-notch servers and software. Communication between the show director and the client is extremely important. We can create a fountain design together with the client in real time in a matter of minutes. The design creation environment is very simple, which allows our clients to take part in the show creation process from the very earliest stages. We can view all types of effects and their combinations during planning and installation of virtual fountains. This makes it easy to decide whether the chosen solution fits the client's expectations or if additional equipment is required.
Art Media Technologies is the representative of Syncronorm and Realizzer in Russia.
Please visit and if you'd like to learn more about visualization creation tools or purchase the relevant equipment and software.